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Stop Telemarketers With a Reverse Lookup

I must have gotten on some awful list, but telemarketers just won't stop calling me at home. And it's not just one, there have been at least 10 different numbers calling me trying to sell me junk.

I even told the telemarketers to take me off their list. And it seems like that only means they'll give it to some other annoying company. So I basically stopped answering my phone, but then my friends started getting annoyed that they couldn’t get a hold of me.

Ugh, now what? Finally, a friend from work told me I could do a reverse lookup on these unknown telephone numbers. And if they were from a telemarketing company, I could not answer, then call later and make darn sure I was off their list.

I took her advice and started plugging in all those unknown numbers one by one into the reverse phone number lookup. Every time I found a number that belonged to a telemarketing company, I called them up and told them to take me off their list immediately. And if they called again or tried using a different number, I would call them back and really chew them out.

It was a bit of a time consuming process, but now the number of telemarketer calls has dropped to about one a week instead of two or three a day. It really goes to show what one woman can do with a little bit of technology and some time. And boy was it satisfying calling the telemarketers and bugging them!