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I Pranked Some Prank Callers With Help From A Reverse Lookup

This may sound a little crazy, but I put the kibosh on some punk kids who were prank calling the neighborhood with this reverse phone lookup -- and had a little fun with them to boot.

I'll start at the beginning; it just seems logical.

There I was, just sitting around watching a move late one night after a long, long week at the office. I had just gotten settled in, cracked open a beer and a bag of chips. As soon as the opening credits ended, the phone started ringing.

Ugh, what a pain, but I thought whoever was calling me that late probably had a good reason. So I got up from my cozy lazy boy and answered the phone.

"Hey, is your, uh, fridge running," said a young voice at the other end of the line. Ugh, I thought, I walked over to the phone for nothing.

I hung up and brought the handset back to my chair. Not a minute later, another phone call.

"You suck!" said someone at the end of the line, then hung up. Then a moment later, the phone rang again. I picked up and hung up right away.

For a moment I thought about just taking the phone off the hook and letting them call a busy signal, but I decided I could blow of a little steam and have some fun to boot.

So I put the number from my caller ID into this reverse lookup and saw that it was one of the neighbor kids five houses down. So I walked down there and saw several cars parked in the driveway. I live in a small town, so all the keys were either sitting in the ignition or on the center console. So I hopped in the neighbor kids' car and drove it a couple blocks down and parked it. I walked back and did the same to three other cars -- the fourth kid was smart and didn’t leave the keys in the car.

I rang the doorbell and jogged back to my house to finish watching my movie. I don't know what they did, but I never got a prank call from them again.