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I Found my old Friend With a Cell Phone Lookup

I was hanging around one day, painting the house when I remembered one of my old friends that I used to paint houses with during the summer. I hadn’t seen him in probably 10 years, but we used to have the best times together, just painting and shooting the breeze.

I decided I really wanted to get in touch with him, but as you can imagine, the phone book didn’t get my anywhere. I typed him into Google too, but I didn’t want to search through 5 million pages just to maybe find this guy.

So I started looking around on background search stuff, then phone lookup stuff and eventually stumbled upon this site. I was a bit skeptical at first, I couldn’t believe all I needed was a name to find someone's phone number -- even 10 years after the fact. But it did just that. I just typed him in and five minutes later I had his phone number, his address and even his court records -- poor guy had a DUI on his record.

I called him up and explained how I found his number, he was as astonished as I was.

It was like I was transported ten years into the past, we just started chatting it up about just about everything. Turned out he was still in town, just like me. So we started hanging out again like old times, he even joined my softball team.

I can still not quite believe it, but I found this guy with just a cell phone lookup. My wife couldn’t believe it either, but she was thankful that I was out of the house once in a while.

Take my word, you can find just about anything on the internet in just a few minutes if you try, even a person's cell phone number